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26 Feb 2008 I will be using Counter-Strike Source examples, but the examples nearly always work for all versions of Counter-Strike The Cross-Hair is what you use to aim at the enemy. guns from being single shot headshot weapons, especially pistols. is used by Terrorists to demolish Bomb Sites on de_ maps.

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27 Sep 2014 For aim practice I'll recommend > aim_headshot aim_map For I'll recommend > awp_india aa_dima2 de_xxxx maps are main stream PS - Do not play 00$ for assault practice, as it will basically destroy your aim.

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8 Feb 2013 This collection is currently hosted on our aim/fy/awp/scouts server, Items (43) (Play with "sv_airaccelerate 1000" for best experience) Check out my It's a good place to try out pulling headshots with AWP. Changes I tried to redesign it according to the CS:GO theme of dust maps.

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Just wondering the CS GO players, what DPI settings you use? I used to have like 800 - 1000 DPI on my DealthAdder but since it broken and I am tired for the easier micro-corrections to get the headshot rather than a body shot, not to and download workshop maps that train your accuracy and aim !

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1000+ posts game play, you can learn different spaces on the maps through it. AK-47 - The most popular rifle in CSGO and of all CS Series, go aim used by the Ts, The headshot can go anywhere, even at AWP range.7 Mar 2015 Winners will get ~,900, losers ~,000 Maps on record, 395 Good to see the Bulgarian cs:go scene evolves a bit, honestly I think it's gonna be a really tough match, headshotbg so bad. aim like a silvers gg. I think Headshot will win Cobblestone and GPlay are known to be bad on Dust 2.aim_headshot: A Combat/Skill Map submitted by L3nox for Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS)FR-EU-8 · GUNGAME DM PRO 2 · HOWNED.COM · MULTIMAP Join, 15/32,, gg_troje. 429. CSS, ~ FR · AWP MAPS ONLY· Tick .Мониторинг тестовый сервер 1000 FPS.

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